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Battery Test Centre

-The Power of Testing-

Full of energy into the future.

Safety, durability and performance are important requirements for the current and future generation of batteries. That is why we will test your batteries with a lot of power in our battery test centre LABCO BTC GmbH for these properties – and also for much more!

LABCO GmbH, the sister company of LABCO BTC GmbH, has been operating as an accredited testing laboratory since 2003 and has since been testing the periphery of traction batteries such as high-voltage cables or charging connector systems. Our LABCO BTC battery testing centre with a floor space of approx. 2000 m² will be located in the immediate vicinity, where knowledgeable experts can put both batteries and their peripherals through their paces using state-of-the-art equipment.

At LABCO, we believe in the benefits of battery systems in various application areas. With the creation of LABCO BTC, we would like to make a significant contribution to the development of battery technology and thus also to the energy transition and support it in a sustainable manner. Our equipment enables resource-saving testing, for example through bidirectional charging and discharging of batteries. In addition, both LABCO and LABCO BTC obtain 100 % green electricity.

Speaking of support: The NBank is funding us in part both in the construction of the building and in the purchase of the testing equipment, as the state of Lower Saxony is equally convinced of our success and significance – e.g. by generating numerous jobs.

We look forward to being able to offer you battery testing at LABCO BTC, probably from 3rd quarter 2022, and are aiming for rapid accreditation.

Our service portfolio

In future, we will be able to offer you a wide range of electrical and mechanical tests under a wide variety of climatic conditions.

These are, for example, simulations of the entire product life cycle by our vibration test systems or performance tests, which are tested by the charging and discharging of batteries.

Our equipment park will enable us to test batteries up to a size of 2.3 m x 2.3 m
and a maximum weight of 3000 kg.

Our equipment?
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Our electrodynamic vibration test systems

Source: TIRA GmbH

Our two electrodynamic vibration test systems (shakers) will be available for you with max. test forces of 300 kN (noise/sine) and 900 kN (shock) each, including a climatic cabinet with a test room volume of approx. 11 m³.

Our climate chambers

You can expect 12 test units, of which

  • 6 climatic test chambers with approx. 0,3 m³
  • 2 climatic test chambers with approx. 1,0 m³
  • 3 enterable climatic test chambers with approx. 11,0 m³
  • 1 Temperature vibration test chamber

Our battery test system

Our battery test system will enable cyclic charging and discharging of batteries with the below test performance data through the AVL E-STORAGE™ high voltage power supply, the battery test bench automation system and essential parts of the safety technology and safety control.

In the Beginning, we will be able to offer you 44 test channels for e. g. cyclic charging and discharging of batteries with the performance data for tests listed below. Therefore, we will be able to test battery packs, modules and cells.

Number of
testing channels
Max. voltage
per channel
Max. current
per channel
Max. power
366 V250 A1.8 kW
260 V1200 A64 kW
61200 V1000 A1100 kW

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